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We are your IT service

  • We take care of everything: selection, purchase, installation, management, monitoring, repairs and support of all your network and IT infrastructure.

  • We also handle relationships with your other providers so that your issues get solved.

  • We can also train your team and give you strong advices so that your IT matches your needs and expectations but also remain safe.

Your One-stop IT support

You are in an SMB with 5-50 people and feel that...

  • It is too expensive to have your own internal IT service?

  • It is difficult to have a 100% dedicated IT team to handle all your IT-related issues?

  • IT is definitely too complex?

... then go for our IT Support service and keep cool!

  • Rely on an efficient and 100% available IT support team

  • Submit ALL your IT-related requests. There will always be someone in our team or with a partner that will be able to help you.

  • Our customers can confirm. Join them, ask for you free and without obligation audit.

Our offering


Novabee supplies IT hardware perfectly suited for your needs.
Nothing more, nothing less.

We have a strong experience with all products we recommend.

  • Neither under-sized nor over-sized
  • Reliable and guaranteed by the manufacturers
  • Integrating perfectly with each other
  • The best value for money - performance - sustainability


Think global! For your software, Novabee recommends suitable and perfectly integrated solutions.

Your IT infrastructure is built with vision and intelligence.

  • Carefully selected solutions based on our solid experience
  • The constant concern to provide you with integrated solutions
  • Efficient software adapted to the needs of SMEs


A question that relates directly or indirectly to IT? Our team will find the answer for you!

Whatever your request, if we cannot provide you with a solution ourselves, we will guide and advise you.

  • Phone systems
  • Copy machines
  • Password management
  • Mass-mailing etc.


Years of experience accumulated with hundreds of users and companies make us a successful and responsive team.
As we know our clients very well, we can support them from A to Z.

  • Planning, installation and maintenance of your infrastructure
  • Supply of hardware and software
  • Troubleshooting and user support
  • Recommendations for improving your infrastructure
  • Tailor-made training etc.

Our main partners



We will analyze your IT situation, listen to your needs and wishes and provide you with a report containing recommendations and a support offer.