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Like 1600+ users, take advantage of a
secure and efficient IT infrastructure.
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • A trusted partner

    Your IT partner has the keys to your house. He must earn your trust.
    For Novabee, guaranteeing your IT security and acting in full transparency are the basic commitments: we aim for a long-term partnership.

  • Really accessible

    We answer you clearly and directly: IT jargon is banned.
    We answer you quickly and over a wide opening range (Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.).
    Duty service is available for emergencies outside business hours.

  • Agile

    Acquisition of a large client, internal reorganization, new methods ... your IT needs change. We know how to anticipate these changes and manage them. Your internal resources are thus focused on their core business.
    In addition, an internal employee may fall ill, go on leave, or simply have other priorities ... Not us.

  • Versatile AND expert

    An efficient IT department requires expertise in a variety of areas.
    Difficult for 1, or even 2, internal collaborators to match the experience and variety of skills of our team!

The trust of our customers obliges us and honors us...
What a joy to call Novabee, being called back very soon after, and especially getting the solution in an ocean of patience and clarity.
Keep your professionalism, your availability, as well as your understanding of the problems described by ‘illiterates’.
Chantal Servais
I was at a client’s site and absolutely needed to access a website with his electronic ID.
My client had to be by my side. Problem: access to the website was not working! I contacted Novabee.
They reacted within 5 minutes by taking control of my computer remotely and resolved the problem.
My client was delighted and this spared me an extra appointment.
Corentin Minne
Manager, Pareto Financial Services
I had no incident to report this year, I guess it’s a good sign! Oh yes, I had an intervention to ask Novabee: I asked them to create a functional mailbox, that had to be accessible to various colleagues and via the web interface for remote access.
The mailbox was created the same day and I received an answer within fifteen minutes with all the necessary explanations to access it.
Stephanie De Ruydts
We opened a new office. The Novabee guys came to see the place and offered an adapted solution for the IT equipments.
We were able to keep only one server while enjoying all its advantages remotely.
Very proactive and professional.
Anthony Verdin
Accountant, Verdin & Associés
I recently arrived in a company whose previous manager and sole user of computers left no information, especially on the computer system.
After searching our emails, we called on Novabee, who informed us that a few weeks ago, the former manager had removed them from their duties.
The entire Novabee team gave us a lot of support to put the entire IT system back in place, reviewed the options with us to improve the security of our tool, and even got on-site to teach me how to deal with our computer system.
Laetitia Duhamelle
I admit sometimes calling for nonsense… Reaction of Novabee: always excellent and without any judgment…
There are no idiotic questions! You always take the time to solve the problem, should it be important or much less.
Noémie Lorsignol



We will analyze your IT situation, listen to your needs and wishes and provide you with a report containing recommendations and a support offer.