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Novabee in 5 questions

How did you come up with the idea of setting up an IT service company?

Historically, it is our boy scout spirit, always ready to help… and a request from a colleague: his wife was not satisfied with her IT. Veni, vidi, vici. Since then, word of mouth has made wonders: in more than 20 years we never actively searched for customers!

What does “Novabee” mean?

Simply the result of the merger, in 2016, of Novatris and followbee, two very similar companies doing the same thing. A merger which actually materialized very quickly since we moved in together three months after the initial discussions and created Novabee just another two months later. Of the nine employees at the time, six are still present today, joined by as many new faces.

What made Novabee so successful in Belgium?

La relation de confiance que nous avons avec chacun de nos clients, la réactivité de l’équipe et la qualité des produits et services que l’on propose. La relation de confiance est primordiale : l’informaticien a les clés de votre maison. Si vous ne lui faites pas confiance, prenez garde et changez-en ! La réactivité est bien souvent la seule chose que les utilisateurs attendent d’une boîte comme la nôtre et sur laquelle ils nous jugent. La qualité des produits et service proposés est le socle sur lequel on peut bâtir notre propre service. Elle permet en outre de renforcer la confiance que nous portent nos clients et de leur assurer le niveau de service qu’ils attendent.

The trusted relationship we have with each of our customer, the responsiveness of the team and the quality of the products and services we offer. A strong trusted relationship is essential: the IT specialist has the keys to your house. If you don’t trust it, beware and replace them! Responsiveness is often the only thing people expect from a company like ours and judge us by. The quality of the products and services offered is the foundation on which we can build our own service. It also helps build the trust our customers have in us and provide them with the level of service they expect.

Why did you decide to settle in France?

We don’t want to become a big company! We have always known that if we want to grow, we will do so by creating branches and keeping the SMB spirit. It’s also a bit for convenience and ease, the language being the same and the differences between Belgium and France not that important. It is nevertheless a great challenge.

In your opinion, what types of companies should delegate their IT and why choose Novabee?

All companies couting 2 to 50 people who rely on IT for their business. With Novabee, they will benefit from a complete IT department, will be able to count on a team of fifteen experts with different and complementary qualifications, knowledge and skills, and totaling more than 150 years of experience! All this for a fraction of the cost of a single IT guy! In addition, our hotline is accessible every working day from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

We can also approach things differently: any company whose boss, accountant or secretary also takes care of IT.

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